Internet Celebrity 69-Hole Handheld Automatic Electric Bubble Maker Bazooka Bubble Gun Children’s Bubbles Blowing Toy Oversized

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  • Easy to use bubble gun: just put in the rechargeable lithium battery, click the bubble mixture, pull the trigger, and a lot of bubbles will pop up (package: including bubble machine, bottle bowl, 50ml * 2 bubble water bottle, rechargeable battery, charger. Removable bubble machine muzzle for quick cleaning
  • Streamlined size makes it more convenient for children to carry. Upgrade 69 holes and bubbles at the same time. Hundreds of bubbles can be blown every minute. Bubbles are clear and non-stick. Colorful lighting, colorful bubbles flying in the night sky, especially touching
  • Reminder: Bubble liquid cannot be foamed with the goods when the transportation of bubble liquid is prohibited. You can make your own bubble solution, mix it with dish soap or shampoo and then add water. If you need colored bubbles, you can add ink, and the bubbles are very beautiful.
  • Details: ergonomic anti-slip grip, grip fit small hands, no Burr does not hurt hands. Loved by children, it is an indispensable holiday toy this summer.
  • Safety bubble machine: bubble machine made of safe and environmentally friendly ABS drop-resistant material, harmless to anyone and pets. The thickened drop-resistant material allows children to play freely. There is a strong fan at the outlet of bubble machine. If you are tired, you can remove bubble gun of your mouth. Blowing small electric fan cool wind
  • The most popular rocket bubble gun 2022: Rocket bubble machine gun is the most influential Instagram in the recent live broadcast, such as bubble machine toys, which is deeply loved by parents, children, netizens and their followers. As a necessary tool for dating, birthday party, stage, wedding, barbecue, Christmas and so on, it is a perfect prop for taking photos. You can use it to take perfect photos and videos.

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Product name: 69 hole bazooka bubble gun Material: Plastic/Plastic Functions: blowing bubbles, lanterns, bazooka launch modeling, strength training, hands-on brain, ability training, grasping ability training Color: blue-gold contrast, girl pink, magic purple Model classification: 1. Standard 2. Standard + 20 packs of 10ml concentrated bubble liquid 3. Standard + 30 packs of 10ml concentrated bubble liquid 4. Standard +50 packs of 10ml concentrated bubble liquid Applicable age: boys, girls, children 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 years old or above. (Toddlers need to use with adults) Product volume: 26cm * 16cm * 26cm Special reminder: When the bubble liquid cannot be delivered due to the limitation of international transportation of liquid, you can make the bubble liquid by yourself, and it is a very happy thing to make it with your children.

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