Boxgear 2-Pack Blaster Toy Guns – Orange & Blue Foam Blaster Set with 60 Soft Foam & Suction Dart Bullets – Safe & Durable Plastic, 40 Shot Range – Gift for Kids, Boys & Girls 6+ Years Old – 8×4.5”


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  • READY, AIM, FIRE! – Adults and kids alike will have a blast playing with these cool fake blaster guns. Our soft bullet gun set comes with 2 blasters, 30 suction cup bullets, and 30 foam bullets–enough for team play!
  • An Epic Present – Give young boys and girls an awesome present that they can enjoy for hours. Our blaster hand guns set is the coolest gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any occasion.
  • Safe For Kids – Made using premium plastic, our blaster gun toy with soft bullets is suitable for sharpshooters aged 6+. The darts are made with soft and light foam that won’t hurt your kids.
  • Be A Master – Hit targets from afar with this blaster gun. Each blaster gun toy is designed to shoot with enough power to propel the bullet up to 40′, letting kids play across a large battlefield.
  • Less Reloading, More Shooting – Built with speed and mobility in mind, this fast-firing blaster has a smooth mechanism that won’t jam. Players can reload their foam dart gun quicker and easier.

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Want To Keep Your Kids Active?

  • In today’s technology-driven world, many children are hooked on playing games on their gadgets, instead of going outdoors. To entice them back into your yards and active play, parents are going to have to get creative with toys.
  • Blaster gun toys, with their vivid colors and cool designs, never fail to excite kids. Even adults love them! Now all you have to do is find Darts Toy Foam Blaster guns that are safe and make for seamless, smooth shooting.

This Pack of 2 Blaster gun toys by Boxgear lets your children enjoy a safe shooting adventure!




Hone Your Kid’s Skills

  • Letting your children play with blaster gun toys is more than just a fun activity.
  • Playing pretend facilitates imaginative play, which can help boost their creativity and critical thinking abilities. Teaming up with friends also helps improve their social skills and communication.
  • Aiming and shooting at their target may also help improve their hand and eye coordination and reflexes.

Have Fun Anywhere, Anytime

  • Boasting a lightweight and compact construction, this toy is convenient to carry and pack. Your kids will be able to bring the blaster to the garden, to the park, to a children’s party, when camping, or even when you’re traveling.
  • Since our set comes with 2 blasters, you’ll be able to play with your young ones and create awesome memories together or let them share their toy with their friends.

An Exciting Gift For Kids

  • Can’t decide on a present for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grandchild? Why not give them an enjoyable yet safe blaster gun toy?
  • Suitable for children aged 6 years old and above, our blaster gun toys make for a wonderful gift for your little ones. Give this during birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any special occasion. These blaster gun toys even come in a vibrant orange and blue finish that young boys and girls will love.

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Soft Ammo, Safe Fun

  • Your kid’s safety is always a priority. That’s why our fake bullets are designed using ultra-soft and lightweight foam that won’t hurt your kids and can’t break skin, even if your little ones get hit. Just make sure to remind your kids to avoid aiming at the face or eyes.
  • Using these soft darts also keeps any furniture and pets that get caught in the crossfire safe from damage.
  • Give your young ones a fun and safe shooting experience. Our toy guns only measure 8×5” each, so they’re easy to hold for kids and their little hands.


Designed For Daily Play

  • Crafted using child-safe plastic, our blasters are strong enough for everyday use, giving your kids endless hours of fun.
  • Our set comes with 30 darts that have a suction cup at the end. These can stick to walls, boards, or furniture without leaving marks, making them great for target practice. You’ll also get 30 regular foam bullets that are perfect for when they’re playing with friends.


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