AirZooka air Blaster Toy, air Cannon Toy Fun air Gun, Launch a Powerful and Safe air Assault on Adults or Children and Animals, Best Prank Toy! (Green and Purple)


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  • Buy 2 of the Airzooka hand cannon gun airsoft and start a air war on each other… Or just start blasting your crowded party… you will never run out of ammunition because it shoots air! try the air gun blower toy and you will have so much fun, you will laugh so much, you will be addicted to play with this air blaster toy gun, its the best prank toy for adults and for kids and animals.
  • The airzooka air blow gun can shoot the air from far away, and to make it easy to aim from far away we added a POP-UP SITE (exclusive on our model) where you can target your victim with surprising accuracy, we dont charge extra for airzooka POP-UP SITE, but it is a very valuable for the airzooka blaster, THIS POP-UP SITE MAKES OUR MODEL MUCH BETTER THEN THE OTHER BRANDS ONLINE!
  • The Air zooka gun airblaster can be used indoor or outdoor, you can use the airzooka air gun to blow out candles, mess up someones hair… raise someones skirt… or just surprise someone with a blast of air which is safe and harmless, just try to play with this bazooka air cannon on your cat or dog, YOU WILL HAVE A BLAST! its 1 of the cool gifts for boys
  • Our NEW air cannon airzooka air blaster is very well designed, it stores flat, and IS VERY EASY TO ASSEMBLE (unlike other brands), it has VERY CLEAR INSTRUCTIONS, and is made with STRONG plastic, it should hold for a very long time, no batteries required, JUST PULL THE AIR LAUNCHER AND RELEASE A POWERFUL HARMLESS AIR BALL!
  • The AirZooka air cannon will create a lot of fun and laughter when playing, the air blower gun is a perfect gadgets for men, its designed like a toy gun, and the air blaster will surprise adults, children, dogs and cats etc. when out of nowhere a powerful harmless ball of air blows ’em away! its more fun then laser tag guns

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The NEW UPDATED Airzooka Air Gun

Guaranteed fun and laughter…

Airzooka air blower gun is a unique hand-held device that, when operating the air blaster, it blows a harmless “ball of air” towards any object or person. its a tiy gun that shoots air, Laugh with amusement as, seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up someone’s hair, ruffle their shirt, skirt or just plain blow them away.

Play with your friends AIR TAG and aim very accurate with the NEW AIRZOOKA POP-UP SITE and you will win the AIR WAR, you will laugh so much and you will get addicted to play with the airzooka air blaster, its a real cool prank toy, adults and kids will love the cool stuff.

The airzooka air mover blower is perfectly safe and you can use it to scare other people or play with friends, mess around with your FRIENDS HAIR, use it on DUST, use it on CURTAINS, blow around PAPERS, scare off ANIMALS etc. the air gun toy can be used on so many things, and can be played so many ways, and the Airzooka air cannon will not disappoint you, the airgun is a perfect game to make the laughing mood at a party… its like a party cannon, Its better then lazer tag.

The airzooka air blaster gun comes in a few colors, you can buy the Black and Silver, or Green with Purple, or the our most popular Color changing airzooka, the color changing air cannon blaster has LED lights inside and the air cannon will light up the whole air bazooka gun with color LED lights, its just beautiful!

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