200000 Water Gel Ball Beads Refill Ammo (7-8 mm, 10 Pack, 20000 Pieces Per Bottle) Gel Splatter Ball Blaster Bullets | Water Ball Compatible with Splatter Gel Gun | Gel Blaster Ammo | Orbeez


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  • 【Easy to Use】This gel ball blaster has good water absorption ability, and can absorb up to 90% of water. Soak them in water and fully expand for 2-4 hours (overnight soaking is recommended) to maximize their size, that is, expand to 7-8 mm, which will burst when the water ball hits. The burst water ball does not need cleaning, and the fragments will disappear with the evaporation of water, without cleaning and stains. No environmental pollution.
  • 【Easy to Store】Store the water ball blaster in a closed container filled with water to avoid direct sunlight. It can be stored for 3 months, and can be taken out when used. Soft water ball blaster create a comfortable tactile experience for you.
  • 【You Get】We provides you with 10 packs of Gel Blaster ammo (20,000 in each pack, 200,000 in total). It also comes with a blaster loader which makes it easy to load the gellets in water bead blaster ammo toy guns and it is compatible with all kinds of water bead blaster ammo toy guns. as supplementary ammunition & gel bullets, ornaments, vase fillings, scientific experiments, DIY art projects, tactile toys, etc. No crack beads, high elasticity, beautiful bright colours after soaking in water.
  • 【Note】This gel ball blaster is suitable for people over the age of 12 and must be used under the supervision of parents. Please do not put it in a place where children can reach it to prevent children from eating it by mistake. If you have any questions, please contact us by email in time, and we will answer them for you as soon as possible. Click the button to buy it!
  • 【Safety-Materials】Small coloured gel balls blaster made of super absorbent polymer (SVP) are natural, non-toxic and non-irritating environment-friendly starch-based materials, which are harmless and environment-friendly.

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What is Electric Gel Ball Blaster blaster Gel balls blaster ammo made of super absorbent polymer (SVP),compatible with all kinds of Gel Blaster toy guns as supplementary ammunition & gel bullets, ornaments, vase fillings, scientific experiments, DIY art projects, tactile toys, etc,it is characterized by even size,bright color and no peculiar smell. Safety is always the first priority. How to keep the fighting going safely and passionately without causing any harm? A special low density design ensures absolute safety and confidence in use-soft and safe, suitable for children to play. Note:Please don‘t aim at the eyes of people.When using gel ball blasters,please be sure to wear personal protective equipment such as goggles. Choking hazard small parts. Suitable for children over the age of 12. gel ball blaster 1. Gel balls is safe, nontoxic , and is made of starch-based materials. The water content is as high as 90%, degradable, and harmless to the environment. 2. The gel ball will burst immediately after being hit, and it can naturally volatilize without cleaning. 3. Please store the water polo in a sealed container and immerse it in water to avoid direct sunlight. It can be kept for up to 3 months. They are colourful, crystal clear, very suitable for putting in transparent vases, bringing a touch of beauty to your home! 4. Tips: Please do not soak the gel balls in boiling water, and stay away from heat or fire sources. Do not store hydrated gel in the refrigerator. If you accidentally eat it or stuff it into your nose, please see a doctor immediate. 5. Asphyxiation hazard: applicable to children aged 12 years and above. Our gel bullet should be used under the supervision of adults, because it contains small parts that are not safe for babies

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