Gel Blaster

  • VDD Gel Ball Blaster M4A1 – Includes 10000 Gel Balls – 1:1 Scale – for Outdoor Fighting Shooting Game – Age 16+

    VDD Gel Ball Electric Blaster

    • [Realistic Appearance]: 1:1 scale according to the real M4A1, made of ABS and nylon, give you a thick and real feel.
    • [Suitable Scenarios]: It is very suitable for team shooting games, but its power is very powerful. Please wear protective gear when playing it.
    • [Prefeed Ammo]: Equip ammo prefeed function, you can pull the bolt to make the gel balls in the mag ready for supply in advance.
    • [Strong Power]: Equipped with the most powerful motor in the market, it provides the strongest power, strong enough to have recoil, and can even be used with 11V battery to further improve performance.
    • [Motorized Drum Mag]: Upgraded to a super large motorized drum mag, with a built-in motor, which can load 1500 rounds of gel balls, allowing you to fire at will.
    • [Contents]: M4A1 splatter gel blaster*1, gel balls*10,000, 7.4V rechargeable battery*1,USB charging cable*1, protective goggles*1
  • Gelfps Gel Ball Blaster G2 Automatic Electric with 60000 Water Gel Beads Goggles Stack Cups Great for Youth Outdoor Team Activities Games

    Important Instructions: 1. Recommended for ages 12+2. Gel beads c...

    • Great Gift Idea – Gelfps Gel Ball Blaster is one of the coolest gifts for children on birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It is very suitable for children to enjoy shooting-games together outdoors.
    • What is Gelfps Gel Ball Blaster – Gelfps Gel Ball Blaster is a launcher toy that uses fragile gel balls as projectiles. The fired gel balls will explode immediately after encountering obstacles, forming a pile of small fragments. It is a safe toy launcher that will not cause harm to people or objects.
    • No fear of Running Out of Beads – Gel Ball Blaster Set provides 60,000 rounds of beads, and the super-large loading bottle can hold more than 800 beads at most, so you don’t have to worry about running out of beads suddenly while playing.
    • Non-toxic and Odourless Gel Beads – Gelfps water gel beads are made of biodegradable materials, The fired balls will burst when they encounter obstacles, and once they are dry, they will disappear completely. Will not leave any marks on clothes or skin.
    • Experience the Sensation of Firing Wildly – Gelfps Gel Ball Blaster can shoot 10 balls per second, with a range of over 100 feet. After being fully charged, you can continue to use for 30 minutes, allowing you to be invincible in the outdoor game.
  • The Millenary Electric Gel Water Ball Blaster Toy Splatter Ball Blaster with 30000+ and Fast Fire Rate Splat Shooter Gun with 30000 Water Beads

    ◉ Only suitable for children 12+ -Do must not directly at people ...

    • ◉【Best toy Gift】Gel ball blaster is one of the best gift weather it is Halloween or Christmas this will never disappoints your Childrens
    • ◉【UNLIMITED GEL BALLS】The electric gel gun blaster launcher fires extremely fast,and 30000 droplets can satisfy your entertainment needs. (You need to soak the hydro gel ball in water for more than 4 hours is one of the best choices for outdoor sports.where gel blaster gun can be used to accomplish tasks involving physical exercise, observation, aiming skills and stamina.
    • ◉【LONG RANGE SHOOTING】The electric gel gun has an effective range of about 50 feet,which is highly playable; Put some targets in the back yard and let the kids run!
    • ◉【GEL BALL BLASTER】One of the best choices for outdoor sports.where gel blaster gun can be used to accomplish tasks involving physical exercise, observation, aiming skills and stamina.
    • ◉【RECHARGEABLE DESIGN】The power of the electric gel ball blaster is powered by an external battery, which can be charged with the data cable we provide
    • ◉【AFTER-SALES SERVICE 】If your product stops working within three days, you can contact us first and we will send you an expedited replacement, usually arriving within 2 days.
  • Bereyes Electric Splatter Ball Blaster-MP5 Toy Gel Ball Blaster with 20000 Water Gel Beads Splat Balls Launcher for Kids and Adults Ages 14+Outdoor Activities Shooting Game Toy

    Great Fun with this splatter ball gun!Splatter Gel Blaster For Ki...

    • 【Simple and fun】: The water bead gun experience is better(no need to bend over to pick up soft bullets) The gel water balls are clean and biodegradable. Gel balls will break into small particles, slowly evaporate and disappear after encountering an obstacle. They are no stains and are hurtless to humans. Must wear protective eyewear when using it. Do not let water enter the hopper when loading the gel balls. Don’t shoot at human faces and animals.
    • 【Nstructions for use】: 1. This toy can be used with any of the included items, players can freely choose to install. 2. Please wear goggles when using. 3. Do not use on the head. 4. The single use time can be up to 4 hours.
    • 【Best Outdoor Game Gift】: Gel ball blaster can be a great toy for children,adults.It involves physical exercise,goal skills,observation and endurance.This is a great way to entertain,especially for group games!Family can play outdoor shooting games and have fun together.Ideal party favor and all kinds of the festival (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year) and great birthday gifts for kids.
    • 【Multiple Shooting Modes】: This gel gun blaster with automatic and manual shooting modes and the ability to switch between sniping and strafing modes. When the gel gun blaster is out of power you can switch to full manual mode and keep using it. Powerful shooting ability can achieve continuous firing without jamming, range up to 20-30m.
    • 【High Performance & Safety】: We have upgraded the design of the gearbox. After turning on the electronic switch of the gel ball blaster, directly pull the trigger to shoot the water balls. It can fire gel water balls continuously, has a amazing automatic speed. The gel water balls are clean and biodegradable. Become a pile of small fragments, slowly evaporate until disappear, will not stain clothes and hurtless to humans.
  • Regnum Gel Ball Blaster Automatic Splatter with 20k Gel Beads and Goggles Splat r Toy with Full Auto and Bolt Action Modes Best Gifts for Kids Aged 12+

    Gel Electric Gel Ball Blaster Automatic Splatter Toys with 20K Ge...

    • [WE ARE HERE TO HELP!] If you encounter any issues with your purchase, please contact us. We’ll respond within 24 hours and try our best to make things right.
    • [Makes for a Great Gift] Presented in beautiful packaging and makes for a great gift for kids and adults. Sturdy box and cushioning foam help to prevent damage during transportation. Clear instructions help make getting started a breeze!
    • [Upgraded for 2022] Gel ball blaster able to reach a range of 70ft. Fires 7 beads per second in full auto mode. We’ve included a spare magazine to extend uninterrupted playing time.
    • [Easy to Clean After Play] Regnum gel ammo is made of non-toxic eco-friendly material (CPC Certified) and dries up within 6 hours after rupturing upon impact. Please be sure to let beads soak for 4 hours, as undersized ammo may affect performance or damage the blaster.
    • [Great Shooting Ergonomics with Two Firing Modes] Blaster measures 28 inches in length, handles well and inspires confidence in kids and adults alike. Comes with selectable full auto and bolt action modes not available in most gravity-fed blasters.
    • [Make this Blaster Your Own] Equip your blaster with sights, grips, lights and other Accessories using the standard rail mounting system, or give it an unique look with a selection of provided cosmetic tapes.
  • Gel Splatter Ball Blaster Toy – 2 Modes Water Bead Blaster Range of Over 100 feet Includes 56 000 Eco-Friendly Ammo Gellets Toys for 9+ Year Old Boys and Girls Gifts for birthday Christmas Easter


    • EPIC OUTDOOR GAMES – Fully automatic & semi-automatic mode with a minimum range of 65 feet. Full-auto mode can 10 rounds per second, accompanied by dynamic and simulated sound effects, making you feel like you are in the real world.
    • EASY OPERATING – The gel beads need to be soaked in water for 2-4 hours before use and the batteries can be fully charged. Goggles must be worn when playing. children under 10 years old need to play with their parents. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the product, we will provide you with the best after-sales service at the first time.
    • BEST GIFTS FOR KIDS – If you are choosing unique and innovative gifts Blaster Gel Kids For is your creative choice. blaster is suitable as Easter, summer vacation, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, parties, and birthday gifts for kids.
    • NOVELTY DESIGN – The rechargeable blaster is 34.5inch in length and we also upgraded to add 56,000 rounds of gel beads, so that kids can fully enjoy the outdoor game brought by the blaster.
  • Oscienzeek Electric Gel Ball Blaster MP5X Splatter Ball Blaster with 2 Blasting Modes DIY Automatic Gel Blaster with 20000 Gel Beads for Kids and Adults

    Gel Electric Blaster Ball with 1000 eco-Friendly Biodegradable Ge...

    • Manual and Automatic: Manually switch the mode, enjoy different fun, and unlock more game modes. Please note that the first time you pull the trigger about 15 times, the ball will be fired normally, and some water beads will remain in the clip. As a source of support, this is normal
    • Long Range up to 50-60Ft: Upgrade product quality to make the gel beads blaster have a long-range, never get jammed, smoother use and more durable. Provide you with longer blaster fun
    • High-Quality After-Sales Service: We serve every sincere customer with the best service attitude and the best product quality. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. We will reply to you within 24 hours and offer you the best solution.
    • Cool Appearance & DIY: This splat ball blaster set is equipped with DIY accessories, you can decorate your Toys as you like, the unique design is for the most special you, it will be your most special splatter ball toy
    • Rechargeable & Easy to Use: Our water beads blaster is powered by a reusable battery. Per charge can fire up to 1000-1500rounds. Easy to use and make sure the gel ball has been soaked in water for at least 4 hours to swell to the proper size (7-8mm), please wear goggles
  • Electric with Gel Balls Blaster Toy Hydrogel Impact Game/Hydrogel- Ball Blaster Toy Children’s Outdoor Team Game Silicone Toy – Three Modes Adjustable

    Usage introduction:We will explain to you the structure installat...

    • Instructions for use: 1. This toy can be used with any of the included items, players can freely choose to install. 2. Please wear goggles when using. 3. Do not use on the head. 4. The single use time can be up to 4 hours.
    • The front section of this product has an orange identification mark, which can be clearly distinguished as a toy and meets relevant requirements.
    • Installation details: The accessories are fixed with screws and can be rotated and installed manually. Foldable and detachable. To remove, turn the screw and press down to remove from the card slot.
    • Product introduction: This toy adopts three adjustable modes, filled with Blaster Gel Ball Electrics, and the color of the actual part of the product is slightly different.Before use, press the gel ball to the top, otherwise it will not shoot.
    • Excellent Service: We will reply any question within 24 hours, if the product received is damaged in any way, we will provide return and exchange service.
    • Sturdy and Durable: Weighing about 3lbs/1.4kg, making him suitable for many ages. The comfortable feel and thick material are a gaming experience that other toys cannot bring.
  • Large Electric with Gel Ball Blaster- M4 Splatter Blaster Ball Automatic with 60000 Non-Toxic eco-Friendly Biodegradable Gellets Outdoor Yard Activities Shooting Game

    • Great Leisure Toy — Gel Blaster is a great toy for kids and teens, it involves physical activity, target skills, observation and stamina, kids can meet up for the weekend to make this weekend full and fun
    • High-Quality After– Sales Service – we serve every sincere customer with the best service attitude and the best product quality, if you have any questions, please let us know. We will do our best to provide you with exclusive services
    • Extra Large Capacity — the Splatter Blaster Ball is equipped with 1000+ capacity containers, it allows you to shoot longer than others, making it easy for you to win games
    • This is a toy that is driven by a spring and uses a gel ball as ammunition.
    • Customer NoticeIf the product you purchased stops working within one month, please contact us as soon as possible, we will send you an expedited replacement, usually arrive within 2 days.
    • Farther And Faster — The gel ball blaster shooting speed is very fast. You can fire up to 12-18 gel balls per second, It also has a very long shooting range, which is about 80 feet.
    • New Upgrade — This Splatter Blaster Ball-M4 has a comprehensive upgrade to the battery capacity, inner core motor, Latest generation wave box and internal gears,Make it work better, longer, and smoother with extremely low failure rates!!
  • Splat Ball Blaster Automatic-Uzi Electric Gel Splat Ball Blaster Toy with 50000 Non-Toxic Gel Balls & Goggles Auto Gel Ball Blaster Toys for Boys Kids Adults

    • 【Perfect Outdoor Game Choice】: The Electric Ball Gel Blaster works by 7.4V 1200mAh battery. It only need to charge 2-3 hours then can shoot about 1000 to 1500 rounds continuously. The rate of fire of the gel ball blaster is very fast, it can shoot up to 300 gel balls per minute with a range of about 32 Ft.50000 water beads can meet your entertainment needs. Wearing goggles can make you more enjoyable during playing.
    • 【Package included】: 1 gel ball blaster, 1 reusable battery, 1 USB charger, 1 charger, 50000 water beads and 1 safety goggles.
    • 【Ideal Gift】: The Gel Ball Blaster is an ideal party gift and various holidays (Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year) and exquisite birthday gifts for 12+ children. Perfect for any beginner or for the seasoned player. This gel ball blaster is the favorite of all outdoor games for age 12+ children or adults. This is a great way to entertain, especially for group games.
    • 【Attention 2】: 1. Do not aim eyes or face. Children under 12 years old must be used under the supervision of an adult. 2. If the gel ball blaster is clogged when using, please shake it.
    • 【Attention 1】: Please wear protective safety goggles (included) before use, use 7-8mm water beads. 2. Water beads should be soaked for more than 4 hours before use, until the size reached 7-8mm. 3. If not play the gel ball blaster for more than 2 hours, please pour out the water beads from the charger to prevent the water from evaporating and affecting the size of the water beads.
  • Patintics Gel Ball Blaster Automatic Splatter Ball Blaster with 20000+ Non-Toxic Eco-Water Friendly Beads Yellow

    Electric Full Auto Gel Blaster Sniper Rifle for Family Party o...

    • DOUBLE Magazine Clip & 20000 Water Beads: This full auto gun toy comes with 2 clips in different shape and 20000 darts ensure your quick-reload at the battle field. Just have plenty of firepower at your fingertips!
    • Real & Fun: The gel ball blaster gun shooting speed is very fast.You can shoot up to 300 gel balls per minute. It also has a very long shooting range, which is about 45-65 feet. The fast speed and long shooting range can give you a very real and fun experience.
    • Ideal Toy & Gift For Kids: A special Halloween gift, Christmas gift, Birthday gift or New Years gift for your kids. This full auto gel gun toy develops children’s interest and imagination. If you are looking for a gifts for 6-12 year old boys or even adults, this Electric Gel Blaster Toy is exactly what you need! Let’s fire the blaster with your family or friends indoor and outdoor.
    • Rechargeable Battery Powered: USB charging line gives great convenience for charging the automatic gun toy. The rechargeable battery can last 4-7 hours’ shooting after 2-3 hours’ fully charged. If you have any problem in using it, please feel free to contact us as we put CUSTOMER SATISFACTION on our priority.
    • Best Outdoor Game Choice: Gel Blaster is a great entertainment option for kids and adults to get away from their eletric screen, enjoy the outdoors and increase interaction. You can invite family and friends to join this game in backyards, jungles, hills, and safe abandoned factories.
  • VIRAGOS Electric Splatter Ball Blaster AKM47 Gel Ball Blaster Toy Gun with 11000+ Water Beads – Long Range(up to 60ft+) & Accurate High-Speed Launch Outside Shooting Game Toy Gift for Boys & Girls

    After Sale ServiceQuality customer service is our main priority. ...

    • 【NO MESS】: This splatter water ball toy will be the wonderful choice for you, your family and friends to play team games outdoors. The splatter beads are smooth and brittle after absorbing water. When encountering items, Water Bead Gel bursts immediately; forming a pile of small fragments, which will slowly evaporate and disappear without causing harm to the human body and clothes.
    • 【LONG RANGE & REALISTIC EFFECT】: This gel pellet blaster has a high-speed launch that can shoot 12 gel balls per second, with a long range of 60 feet for accuracy and will continue to emit realistic sound effects when in use, stimulating you to play games. The rechargeable high-power dual-port & large-capacity lithium battery works for a longer playtime.
    • 【NEW AND UPGRADED DESIGN 2022】: This gel blaster gun uses the latest structural design to avoid the problem of not being able to charge/fire the bullet, etc. Our gel blaster features AKM47 toy gun appearance and 2 shooting modes – semi- automatic and automatic. This will be the most thrilling outdoor activity you’ve ever experienced.
    • 【YOU CAN GET】: Electric splatter bead gun *1, this splatter bead gun can be recharged for repeated use, splatter beads container *1, USB charger * 11,000 splatter beads, an instruction manual and a pair of goggles. The large-capacity ammo container can hold up to 500+ gel beads at a time, ensuring you can enjoy the game to the fullest with HOURS of playtime.
    • 【WARM NOTES】: Recommend for age 12+ years. Children under 10 years must use the electric ball under adult supervision. Please note that you’ll need to soak the gel balls in water for 3 hours before use. Goggles are required (available in the package), range is up to 60 feet & do not aim eyes or face. Backyards, fields, and any open area are also ideal for entertaining.

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