Here’s a list of the 5 best toy guns to build for you

1. Liberty Imports 6 Pack Mini Foam Dart Blasters

Best Beginner Toy Gun

If you have more than one child, you know the younger one can sometimes feel left out. Toy guns are getting more sophisticated, and little ones can’t always keep up with their bigger siblings.

This gun is easy to use and can help your toddler join the fun. Shaped like a gun in a multifarious colorful way, it comes with 36 foam darts but holds one dart at a time. By learning to load the chamber themselves, your little one can develop hand-eye coordination with smaller objects.

7. GoSports Official Foam Fire Blasters – 2 Pack Toy Blasters

Best Bazooka Style Gun

These long toy guns can hold and shoot them in rapid succession. The gun can be carried, or it can be aimed from the ground like a bazooka. Two toy guns are included in this pack.

To load the gun, you simply stick the foam balls into the open part of the tube. Your kids can control how far the balls go, by pumping the handle quickly or slowly. Because the balls are so soft, the guns could also be used for inside play on a rainy day that can be enjoyed by toddlers as young as five years old.

8. Rhode Island Space Ray Gun

Best Gun for Space Play

If you have shared the joy of Star Wars with your children, they might want an out-of-this-world gun to play with. This space blaster gun will make your kid feel like they are waging an intergalactic battle.

After loading it with batteries, the kids pull the trigger to unleash a variety of lights and sounds. You will receive six guns per pack, so your children have plenty to share with friends.

9. iSottcom Wooden Rubber Band Pistol

Best Rubber Band Gun

Rubber band guns were all the rage back in the day, and now they’re making a comeback. For parents wary of plastic, this wooden gun is made of eco-friendly material.

It can fire up to four bands, back-to-back, with around 50 included in the set, allowing for tons of fun before they have to go out and find the rubber bands again. Because it’s a handgun style, you load the bands and simply pull the trigger to shoot them into the air.

10. 2 Pack Water Blaster Toy

Best Gun for the Pool

Here's a list of the 5 best toy guns to build for you

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These guns come in a pack of two pencil designs with shades of blue and pink — to make it easy to distinguish teams. The water battle can reach for up to 40-feet range.

To fill them, all you have to do is completely immerse them in water. Then pull the arm of the pencil-shaped water gun back to fire. Perfect for lighthearted pool play the whole family can enjoy.

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