Best Toy Guns of 2022

1. Kids Pirate Halloween Costume

Best Pirate-Themed Gun for Halloween

If you’re already thinking about Halloween, you may want to plan your child’s next Halloween costume around these toy guns. Dress them up like a pirate with the included pirate hat, eye patch, pirate hook, and plastic toy gun. The design can be enjoyed by both genders so his sibling can also wear it or this can be handed down to his playmate.

The guns do not actually shoot anything. For kids that need a gun to play the part, but don’t have time to clean up bullets while doing the serious business of trick or treating, this one’s for them.

2. Nerf Disruptor Elite Blaster

Best Training Gun

Nerf is a kids-favorite gun. This monster blaster gun comes with six rotating drums, Elite darts, and an instruction to help your children practice their aim.

Loading is easy. They stick the darts in the holes on the front of the gun and they’re ready to go. The darts will fire up to 90 feet, so your kids can make it more and more challenging by stepping further back.

3. BamGo Bubble Gun Blower

Best Toddler Toy Gun

Every baby I know loves bubbles. When they are young, however, it can be tough for them to get the whole “blowing” thing down. My kid struggled for so long.

With this electric bubble gun, though, they can easily make their own. They don’t have to worry about filling a tub, but simply dip the wands in a tray with bubble solution. All they have to do after that is hold the trigger and enjoy.

4. Police Costume Dress Up

Best Toy Police Gun Set

If your children love to play dress up, this toy gun and police gear set is a great option for them. The set comes with a toy handgun, handcuffs, a policeman’s hat, a badge, and other fun pieces of toy police equipment.

When your kids’ friends come over, they can create an entire world around this set. When they’re done, the set includes a bag that will store all of the gear until next time.

5. Fun-Here Water Gun Party Favors

Best Gun Party Favor

These tiny toy guns come in a pack of six, so they make a great party favor. If you break tradition and give it to the kids way before they leave, it can also make for free entertainment.

They’re nine inches long, and use a tube of water to keep them going for a while. Designed to be used by kids of all ages, starting at three years old, even your toddler can get in on the action.

6. Parris Doc Holliday Set

Best Cowboy-Style Gun

If your child is really into Westerns, this replica of the gun from “Tombstone” is the toy for them. It looks so real, the manufacturer placed a bright orange tip on the end to ensure bystanders it’s fake.

The chamber holds 12 shot ring caps, and replacements can be found at most toy retail stores. After loading, your kids just aim and pull the trigger.

7. ArtCreativity Toy Machine Gun

Best Toy War Gun

If you’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood full of kids, summer battle nights might be a thing. If your child likes to take part in games like these, this toy machine gun can bring something unique.

The gun can be set up on the ground or carried in their arms. It doesn’t shoot anything, but it does light up and makes sounds when they pull the trigger. The gun even comes with a real scope to help them watch and take aim.

Wrapping It Up

If supervised properly, gunplay can help kids learn how to play in a team and strategize for victory. It’s also a fun way to get outdoors and get some exercise.

Guns are a serious subject, so it may be a good idea to discuss the differences between play and real life. Gun safety may also be a good topic to discuss to help them put play into context and understand real-life events.

Our favorite toy gun is the Kidzlane infrared laser tag. Because they come in a pack of four, you’ll always have ready entertainment for your children and their friends. You don’t have to worry about losing pieces or helping them load up the darts — which encourages your kids to be more independent.

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